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Model: Dual Reflector
For soft indirect flash light use the pure white size.For greater range and spectral highlights use the silver size. pure white size. For greater range and spectral highlights use the silver size. It helps to reduce hard background shadows and eliminates the annoying red eye effect.Photo Diffusers a..
Brand: Godox Model: AK-R11
The Godox Dome Diffuser for Round Head Flash Heads provides a 180-degree soft quality of light. The Dome fits the round head V1 directly and the AD200 and AD200 Pro using the separately-purchased H200R adapter. It also fits the TT685 speedlight using the optional SR-1 round head adapter...
Brand: Godox Model: MRF-01
With the soft indirect flash, use the pure white color.For longer ranges and spectral enhancements, use the silver size.Reduces background shadows and eliminates the red-eye effect.Note: this product is a two-sided reflector (white / silver), not two reflectors.Mini reflector, double-sided double-si..
Brand: Godox Model: 5 in 1
Folds and stores in 1/3 its open size.Can be used as Gold ,silver ,white, black,white translucent.Reflector is supplied with a vinyl pouch which the reflector folds and stores inside.Perfect for Video and Digital Photography.The Photo Reflector's Colors Gold - Gives a fabulous sunny warm glow, lifti..
Brand: Triopo Model: AK-R1
Dome diffuser. honey comb. color filter. Adapter ringCompatibility for Godox, YONGNUO, TRIOPO etc. other square flashFeature: soft edges, color rendering atmosphere, increase the visual intensity of photos, and enhance the appeal of portraits.Material: magnet ABSSize of honey comb:5mm(each hole), si..
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