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Power Cables & Adapters

Model: D-Tap
This Coiled D-Tap to 2-Pin Cable allows you to power your Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K or 6K from any D-Tap power source, such as a Gold mount or V-mount battery. The cable features a standard D-Tap connector on one end and a dedicated 2-pin power connector for the camera on the othe..
Model: Cable
This is an electrical cable that temporarily connects an appliance to the mains electricity supply via a wall socket or extension cord. It is detachable from both the power supply and the electrical equipment, and consist of a flexible cord with electrical connectors at either end, one male, and one..
Brand: ZGCINE Model: DT-DC
1. D-Tap Male can be rotated 180°.2. D-Tap Male with Anti-reverse insertion indicator light3. Use External D-Tap Battery to Power Camera, Monitor, Light, or Accessory4. D-Tap Batteries and D-Tap Power Rigs with Batteries Installed such as V-Mount or Gold Mount BatteriesSpecificationInput Voltage: 12..
Brand: ZGCINE Model: MD-P4 D-Tap to 4 D-Tap
Feature:1. Male D-Tap can be rotated 180°(Reduce the trouble of winding)2. Anti-reverse indicator (Red light blinks means wrongly plugged in, power supply will cut off automatically; green light always on means correct connection.)3.Male D-Tap to 4-Port Female D-Tap Hub Splitter Adapter PowerSpecifi..
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