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Brand: Boya Model: BY-MM1
The BOYA BY-MM1 is a cardioid microphone, which is specially designed to improve the sound quality of videos on the basis of build-in microphones. With both TRS cable and TRRS output cable included, it can be used on Smartphones, DSLR cameras, camcorders, audio recorders, PCs, and other au..
Brand: Boya Model: BY-M1
BOYA BY-M1 is an Omni directional lavalier microphone, designed for Smartphones, DSLR, Camcorders, Audio recorders. it is perfect for video use. With Omni pickup pattern, for full 360° coverage, it absolutely gives you the possibility to capture anything in your sight. Moreover, the integrated ..
Brand: Boya Model: BY-M1DM
The BOYA BY-M1DM is a Dual Lavalier Universal Microphone, with a single 1/8″ stereo connector, used with smartphones, DSLR cameras, camcorders, audio recorders, PC and other recording devices. It consists of two of the well-received omnidirectional lavalier microphones and 4m (13′) length ..
BOYA BY-VM600 Microphone BOYA BY-VM600 Microphone
2-3 Days
Brand: Boya Model: BY-VM600
The BY-VM600 Condenser Shotgun Microphone from Boya is a directional-style on-camera microphone with an integrated shockmount and a 2' coiled cable that terminates with a 3.5mm TRS mini-jack connector. It can be used to capture audio in outdoor or indoor environments for video cameras, DSLRs, mirror..
Comica Audio VM10 PRO Mini Super cardioid Digital/Analog Shotgun Microphone for Cameras & Smartphones Comica Audio VM10 PRO Mini Super cardioid Digital/Analog Shotgun Microphone for Cameras & Smartphones
1-2 Weeks
Brand: Comica Model: VM10 Pro
Capture clear sound with less background noise with the Comica Audio VM10 PRO, a compact, digital/analog shotgun microphone that can be used as an on-camera mic or desktop USB mic for vlogs, podcasts, videos, and live streaming. Switch between Digital and Analog output modes for universal compa..
Brand: Comica Model: CVM-VM30
Easily transition from run-and-gun interviews to mic-mounted podcast recording using the Comica Audio VM30 Wireless Shotgun Microphone System. The transmitter has the option to be used in both wired and wireless configurations and features a 3.5mm TRS/TRRS output and USB-C port for both analog ..
Brand: Comica Model: CVM-M-01
The Comica Audio CVM-M-O1 is an omnidirectional lavalier microphone with a 3.5mm locking connector specially designed to plug into a Comica, Sennheiser, or other wireless bodypack transmitter (excluding Sony). The mic discretely clips onto your clothing to capture clear speech and dialog f..
Brand: Comica Model: STM01
FeaturesProfessional Large Diaphragm Mic - Featuring with 34mm gold-plating large diaphragm, this professional xlr condenser microphone can provide you with better studio recording effect. Also, the cardioid mic can filter the noise of surrounding environment effectively, recording more clear and ac..
Brand: Panasonic Model: BOOM
Panasonic EM-2800 (EM-2800) is a directional electret condenser microphone designed for super sound recording with high sensitivity and minimal sound. EM-2800 works very effectively in conditions of high ambient noise, the distance or near because it has integrated tele or a normal function that can..
Model: MC-PW8
One step to set up - Simple plug & play with the detachable USB cable, saves time for setting up the microphone in perfect performance. You can enjoy all the good stuff that comes right out of the box by taking one easy action: connect the microphone into a PC/Mac/PS4 which is perfectly compatib..
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