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Skyworth 32” Android TV – 32TB7000

  • Screen Size: 32"
  • Connectivity: HDMI, USB Movie, Wireless
  • Screen Resolution: 1020
  • Built-in-WIFI
  • Smart UTRA UHD TV
  • OS: Android Open System Smart and Digital
  • 32TB7000, 32" Frame-less Smart Android LED TV - Black

SKYWORTH 43″ Android Smart TV – TB7000

Skyworth TV model 43TB7000 has a beautiful design. With a slim shape, including frameless screen edges that break the boundary limit With a picture that is full of elegance because of the slim screen edge, you'll experience immersive viewing experience in full screen without boundaries. Excellent, enhancing the realism of the images displayed to your eyes and the perfect sound system. The ultimate sound power that gives you complete entertainment.