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Brand: Godox Model: SL-60W
A versatile constant light source well-suited for video work, this SL-60W LED Light from Godox is a daylight-balanced, 5600K light featuring a COB (chip on board) LED for high brightness and color accuracy. The intuitive design of the light incorporates a rear LCD monitor and a d..
Ex Tax:Ksh16,500.00
Brand: Godox Model: TT520
Flash duration of 1/300-1/20000s, delivering crisp, clear and vivid images3 flash modes: M, S1 and S2 for improved versatility and usability8 variable flash output from 1/128 to full, meeting your flashlight demandIntegrated reflection board, giving a highlighted point on the eyesBuilt-in wide-angle..
Ex Tax:Ksh5,500.00
Brand: Godox Model: TT560 II GN38
GODOX TT560II Flash Speed-lite supports the trigger functions of the wireless transmitter. Built-in 433 MHz wireless transmission and built-in 2.4 G wireless signal, including RT transmitter and 16-channel triggerIncludes a built-in wide angle flash diffuser and a reflection panel that creates soft,..
Ex Tax:Ksh6,500.00
Brand: Godox Model: TT600
Equipped with a built-in 2.4GHz X wireless radio system and a powerful guide number of 197' at ISO 100 and 200mm, the TT600 Thinklite Flash from Godox will help you create a versatile and effective lighting setup . The universal shoe-mounted flash features a zoom range of 24-200m..
Ex Tax:Ksh8,500.00
Brand: Canon Model: V860III-C
Power, speed, and integrated radio transmission make the Ving V860III TTL Li-Ion Flash Kit from Godox a hard-to-beat option for your camera. Fully compatible with TTL systems, the Ving V860III supports many advanced functions and features. Also, it features the Godox X wireless radio system, which p..
Ex Tax:Ksh21,000.00
Brand: Godox Model: X2T TTL
This X2T TTL wireless flash trigger from Godox is one that is dedicated to Nikon's i-TTL system and operates on a 2.4 GHz frequency. It can fire a single flash or multiple dedicated flash units within 5 groups, 32 channels, and 99 ID settings to avoid interference from other nearby systems. For the ..
Ex Tax:Ksh6,000.00
Brand: Yongnuo Model: YN560 IV
Featuring both a 2.4 GHz wireless radio transmitter and receiver, the Yongnuo YN560-IV Speedlite is a long range manual flash unit capable of triggering other flashes from up to 328' away as well as being triggered with the RF-603 and RF-602 wireless transmitters.The YN560-IV is powerful with a guid..
Ex Tax:Ksh9,000.00
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